Why I Believe in God

God Is In Us and Around Us

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God exists. I know that in today’s day and age, this might not be a popular point of view. And I’m not trying to tell you what your beliefs should be. But in my own point of view, the answer to this question is self evident. God does exist. I know this in the core of my being.

God, College, and Pascal’s Wager

There was a time when I was in college when I doubted God’s existence. I felt that there was no scientific basis for God, no definitive proof of his existence. I even debated a preacher on campus. However, things changed when I came to a realization, namely that I didn’t need to have proof of things for them to exist. I remember that a priest at a church in my college town would say, “You have to fake it to make it.” This was one part of the puzzle. Then I read about Pascal’s Wager. This is the idea that you can choose to believe or not to believe. If you do not believe, but your are wrong, the punishment will be eternal. However, if you believe and you are wrong, you won’t even know the difference. Therefore, what’s the harm in believing. Now Pascal’s Wager is not the basis of mature religious beliefs. In fact, many philosophers believe it is an extremely weak defense for the existence of God. But it was a good starting point for a doubting Thomas like me.

The End of Trivial Pursuit

But even more than this, it was when I realized that I didn’t really need to know the answer to whether Mary was a virgin when she gave birth that things really began to change. This happened at the same time that I stopped caring about winning Trivial Pursuit. Okay, I know that last statement was kind of random. However, the truth is that once I became okay with not knowing everything (or thinking I know everything), I became a happier person. And I was able to begin to believe in God again.

God and My Horoscope

God loves you more than you can imagineThen my faith was strengthened by a horoscope in the back of a TV Guide. Okay. Now I’m really baring my soul to you my dear readers. I was in a terrible relationship with an abusive individual. However, I wasn’t sure what to do. I wanted to leave him but I just didn’t have the courage. Plus, I grew up Catholic which led to other moral issues. I picked up a TV Guide at a store check out lane and looked at the horoscope page, something I never did. However, it was like it was written directly to me. It started with, “It’s okay if you make the decision to leave him.” From there it continued with specific information that I couldn’t believe. I bought the TV Guide and have saved the paper to this day. I truly felt that this was a message sent directly to me, giving me permission to make a better life for myself. Thankfully, I followed that advice and life has never been as hard as it was during those few years.

C. S. Lewis and Success Literature

The next thing that happened on my journey to complete surety about the existence of a higher power was listening to The Screwtape Letters on tape. I didn’t know anything about C. S. Lewis or his books or how important he would continue to be in my life, but this book was so influential. From there, I read Mere Christianity and dug deeper into my beliefs. Then once I really delved deep into success and abundance literature, I found that they are all (as far as I have seen) based on this belief in a higher power.

Over the years, my beliefs have matured. I have my own code of ethics and personal belief system. As I have put more and more faith in God, I have found my worries have just become less and less important. I have had so many prayers answered. I have felt his presence in my life.

Sadly, through all of this, I have discovered that faith truly is an individual endeavor. One of the hardest things is to be a smart person and deal with the question God’s existence. I have experienced this first hand with myself, my children, and some of my students when I was teaching. The fact is, all I can do is believe on my own, pray powerfully, be a good example, and continue to live my life each day as my last.

As I grow daily through my practice of gratitude and my belief that all wealth and success comes from God, my beliefs have become stronger. I’m sure that there are some of you dear readers who do not believe as I do. All I ask is that if you want to live a life of abundance, keeping an open mind and allowing yourself to rely on something, someone, greater than yourself is one of the keys to achieving success.

My prayer for you is for massive success as you grow in a life of great joy and abundance.

Love and blessings,


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