Book Review: Feel Free to Prosper

Feel Free to Prosper by Marilyn JenettOne of the best books that I have read about living an abundant life is Feel Free to Prosper by Marilyn Jenett. The cover has a bubble that says, “Two weeks to Unexpected Income…” I can tell you from my personal experience with the book that I truly did see a difference in my income in two weeks.

Feel Free to Prosper is divided into four parts dealing with universal laws and principles, your finances, your business or career, and inspiring student stories. One of the main reasons why I love this book and really got a lot from it was that it actually gives specific instructions to help you change how you think. As Buddha said, “What we think, we become.” Our thoughts truly make the difference between success and failure in the future.

Universal Laws and Principles as Taught in Feel Free to Prosper

Marilyn Jenett spends the first part of the book explaining the universal laws and principles of success and abundance in very clear terms. Her goal, which I think she achieved, is to make what seems to be complicated subjects quite easy to understand. The one lesson that truly stuck with me and has made all the difference is the idea that wealth does not come from my daily work but instead all wealth comes from God. This is an amazing, life-changing point of view. No longer do I feel like wealth and success is beyond my reach because as a child of God, I have the right to a divine inheritance! Talk about empowering.

How Feel Free to Prosper Has Changed Me

One of the tenets of Feel Free to Prosper is that it all starts in the mind. To begin, Marilyn explains, we must stop thinking of loss, of lack, of being without. Instead, we must change our thoughts. If we think lack, we must change to think success. Allow the thoughts of not having enough to just move right out of our minds and be quickly replaced by positive thoughts. Just faking it can eventually turn into truly believing in success.

Gratitude Now, Success Now

Marilyn described numerous techniques that are truly impactful for anyone wanting to find success and live an abundant life, more than I have room for here. I definitely suggest purchasing and reading this book cover to cover to learn more. However, I will leave you with one more thing that I found amazingly effective. This was the idea that we must be grateful now, in this moment, for all our future riches. We don’t need to just leave gratitude for after we have something we want. We must be grateful now. For all riches are already ours. It is always now. If we can inhabit this idea of gratitude for what God will grant us in the future, then we bring that future ever closer to us.

Thank you so much for reading this. My prayer for you, dear reader, is nothing but success and a prosperous life.



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