Attacking Debt from an Abundance Point of View

Attack Debt from a Place of Abundance$992 billion. That’s the amount of consumer debt there is according to data from the Federal Reserve.  That’s an average of $3070 for every man, woman, and child in America. Do these numbers sound depressing? How much of that debt do you have? I know that we have more than our $3070 share for each member of our family. How have we got here? The answer is as diverse as each of us. For me, debt rose due to moving overseas, moving back home, paying taxes on two continents, having family members going to college, and buying a new business. So the question that we have to ask is how do we get out of debt? How do we break the chain? The answer begins with our point of view.

An Abundance Point of View

The fact is that to get rid of debt, you can’t approach it from a place of lack. You can’t solve a problem by thinking about it in the same way you got into it. When I got into debt in the very beginning, I came from a place of not having something I wanted and deciding to just go ahead and put it on credit. I’m not talking about something important like healthcare or major house repairs. I’m talking about stuff. Stuff from Target. Stuff from Best Buy. A shirt here. A video there. A laptop to replace my perfectly fine laptop. And the list goes on. But the key factor in all of these purchases was lack and desire. I was missing something. I lacked an item, and I decided to use credit to buy it.

Later, bigger things took over. By then, I did have to pay for healthcare. I had to pay for a new air conditioner. I owed money due to not saving enough to pay for self employment taxes. All of this went onto credit cards. I had spent years paying off nonessential items instead of saving, and when emergencies hit I was left with my only available option. But it all started with a lack mindset. Therefore, to move away from this we need to change our own point of view to one of abundance.

Seeing Debt Through Different Eyes

The World is AbundantIs it possible to see debt from an abundance point of view? It sure seems at first glance like an impossible task. How can we think of abundance when we owe money, in some cases more money than we can make in a year or more? It starts with a simple shift in viewpoint. This shift can begin to be accomplished by looking at debt as a temporary event, not a permanent one. Try to look at debt as neutral. Remember, the money you owe will be there until you pay it off, but you get to choose your emotions around it. For me, once I stopped looking at debt as the enemy and instead looked at it as something neutral things started to change. I focus on my ability to pay down my debt each month instead of what I owe. I practice gratitude for this ability, remembering that even paying the minimum is still making progress in paying down the debt. I send a blessing with each payment. In all things, I focus on abundance and the future.

Living in Abundance Now

Abundance can begin from wherever you are. You don’t have to be out of debt to begin practicing abundance today. Instead of focusing on debt and thinking of what might have been or the amount you are spending paying it down, focus on wealth, on your ability to pay. Instead of dwelling on lack, focus on gratitude for all your blessings.

I pray for you that if you are in debt, massive blessings will come to you today.


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