Change Starts With Our Thoughts

Change Your Thoughts and You Will Change Your World Have you ever met someone who is always down on themselves? They always say how stupid they are or how unlucky they are or how nothing ever goes right for them? How does being around someone like that feel? I find my time with people like this draining. And interestingly, when I talk to myself in this way, I feel sad and drained. Negative thoughts lead to low energy and depression.

Now how about when you are around someone who is positive? A person who not only has a positive outlook on life but who also believes in their own abilities? You leave feeling energized. It’s the same thing when you yourself have a positive attitude. You are happier and more energetic. You are able to move past fear and depression and focus only on success.

Everything Starts With a Thought

All Reality Starts With Our Thoughts The truth is that if we want to┬áchange ourselves, we have to start with our thoughts. All action starts with thought. The wheel started as an idea in someone’s mind. The telegraph, the television, the personal computer. All of these inventions started first as a thought. Therefore, it makes sense that reinventing ourselves would also begin with a thought or a series of thoughts. We can’t become something different without:


  1. Thinking about what we want.
  2. Making a plan from our thoughts.
  3. and Finally working that plan.

If our goal is better health, we must first think about what we need to do to get better health. We need to decide on what type of exercise we want to do. We must think through the steps necessary to do that exercise. Then we must finally make the decision to actually put on our gym shoes and do the deed. Each of these steps require thought first. Thus, to change our lives we truly have to change our thinking.

If we continue to think the same thing…

Thomas Edison Invented the Light Bulb in His Thoughts FirstChange in a company, in a country, in a person, in society does not happen by using the same logic that has always been used. When an inventor like Thomas Edison works on an invention ┬álike the light bulb, they can’t allow themselves to get caught up in the idea of ‘how it’s always been done’. If they do that, then they will never make the leaps necessary to create something new and unique. Edison tried over 1,000 different times to make a working lightbulb before he found the solution. Each of these attempts started with new logic, a new point of view. Only by changing the way he approached and thought about the invention could he truly make the breakthrough that was necessary.

Similarly, each of us has our own thought patterns that work on a loop. For me and my struggles with weight in the past, these thoughts centered on how bad I was or what I did wrong. This then led to me getting down on myself and speaking harsh words. From there, I got depressed and worried that I would never find a solution. However, the truth was that my thoughts were actually not just a result of my actions but they were also creating my actions. My depression made me feel worthless which led to me eating more, and the cycle continued. My thoughts had to change for my eating patterns to change.

Thinking Our Way to Success

Athletes Know That Thinking About Winning Leads to SuccessThere is a reason why many star athletes have turned to visualization techniques: they work. Athletes are taught to never see failure in their mind. Instead, they must speak and visualize success. They must think about winning the race, swimming the fastest, making the goal. After thinking and meditating on success, their actions then follow through. However, their success starts in their mind. You can bet that Michael Phelps does not start any race thinking about failure. But how many of us start the day thinking about our weight or our debt or whatever else we wish we could change but we are failing at. If we change our thoughts to only success, to abundance, to good health, our actions will follow in a way to bring these to fruition.

First Steps Towards Changing Our Thoughts

Changing our thoughts takes time. Many of our repeated thought patterns have developed and been reinforced over may years. Therefore, changing our thoughts can sometimes seem daunting. But the good news is that starting is quite easy and can be worked into our daily habits. Whenever you think something negative about yourself or your situation, immediately change it to a positive. For example, if you think “I’m so in debt.” Stop yourself. Immediately say something like, “I know that right now I owe some money, but I also know that this is a temporary situation. Money is flowing to me all the time.” Obviously, you will want to use words that make sense to you. But the point is, disrupt the normal flow by talking back to yourself. And remember, positivity breeds positivity. Read uplifting stories, watch inspirational movies, and, if necessary, fake it. Studies have shown that even forcing a smile can make you happier, relieve stress, and put you in a positive mood.

I wish for you only positive thoughts of success and abundance!

All my best,

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