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Melissa Kelly

Melissa Kelly

My name is Melissa Kelly and like many of you I have had ups and downs in my financial and personal life. However, a couple of years ago I started learning everything I could about success and wealth. I was tired of working hard and not getting anywhere. Plus my health was suffering. My house was in a state of constant chaos. I needed to do something.

Things changed when I read a book that had me look at and map out my life. From that point on, things began to change. I was able to buy a postcard business which has allowed me to begin to make my dreams come true. Things have fallen into place, and I believe that practicing gratitude and visualization along with changing daily habits were what made the difference.

My goal with this blog is to share all that I have learned and am continuing to learn that is helping me live daily in a state of abundance. I thank God for the abundance in my life, and I pray for only abundance and success in yours.

Mission Statement: 

To inspire others to live in abundance now through the practice of powerful prayers, daily habits, and gratitude. 

With much love,


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